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Friday, June 5, 2015

In her P.O.Box

So very excited to see that my letter was received by Lovely Handwritten Notes!
In the month of Feb.I sent a letter to this wonderful person who hand writes notes. Never thinking I would get an reply.  I also wrote to a "guy", to complete one of my challenges to write to a stranger.
Look here...He also wrote to the same person I did and it was received on the same day..craziness.
But, look close! My letter was on top. SO that ment my letter was read first..hahaha Sorry my new friend, but, you might live in the same state but my far away letter was the first one she saw!
I received her post card yesterday and was so excited. It is a post card created by Keri her books.
it says  ITINERARY.
...Go to the closest park
      .Spend 10 minutes looking at the sky. What do you see?
      .Document yourself standing under a tree 
         (photo, drawing,etc.)
       .Arrange something you find into a circle
        .List the number of people you see.
                                                           .Leave something of yours in a secret location.

Ok, so, have you ever done any of this? No me either.
I have a park I walk in almost every day. Looking at the sky is something I do every day because I love to look at clouds. Document myself under a tree, not somewhere I usually sit.  Arrange something you find in a circle, now that would be something that would make my fingers dirty, not thinking I would enjoy that at all. List people I see, usually they are Asian and don't have common sense to walk in the right direction so I'm always weaving around them. Leave something of mine..all I could think of was maybe my foot print in the sand!
Now I must get on it and write again to Reed.
It's really odd how him and I have so many things in common. We like to write, we watch the same t.v. specials, we know about the problem of the homeless ppl, we both drive old cars, we like to sit at coffee places, and best of all we quietly do good things for others.
I think if I made some time, I could have a pen pal, distance is good and he seems safe. 
What do you think?  Is this a creepy idea or something I should do??
All comments are worth the wait. and yes Reed can also leave a comment.
It's Friday, take some time to Smile.

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