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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Doesn't take much to make me smile!

So excited to see that this Hawaiian plant that I have never been able to grow is growing.
My daughter was giving this and didn't want it so she gave it to me. When I got it all the leaves fell off and I didn't water it to much.  My hope was that I just put it in a safe place and let it get use to here.
Looks like my hope for it happened.
I can't wait to see what color the flower will be.
The wait is 
Here's that walk way to the front door of this house I live in.
Its does add something to those few step before opening the ghetto door.
I was trying not to get the broken down drive way in the picture but its hard to miss.
Who ever put the bricks down started good, they just needed to finish the job on the end.
But, that is this whole house, jobs started and not finished.  Like the wood floors that didn't get finished but, having someone come in a pay rent was what he needed. I needed a place and what I have learned in the past two years about a home, work and family is a life time of lessons I hope my kids never have to go through.
Happiness and sadness comes in all shapes, forms and amounts of time, I am so close to getting back to happiness, those last steps are killing me. 
I am, off to start my Saturday.  I received a txt last night at 9:48 p.m. that over time was cancelled. It was nice of them to let me know but what time do they think we go to bed when we start at 3 a.m.? I just say thank you to all the pay checks and walk on from the rest of the unorganized ways that I must put up with. Putting a suggestion in that box on the wall next to the time clock is useless!! I have tried. That is what happens when someone that talks a good talk and has no clue of how to be a lead or a supervisor get the job! Oh, and she works so hard...hard?  not in my eyes. My satisfaction at the end of the day is when I notice that people follow in what I have done.  They fill out the paper work like I lesson they have learned from me and they come to me first when they don't know how to solve a least the people who work around me have more hidden respect for me then the one with the title. Enough if only those who have the power to change this issue would find the time to read this maybe some eyes would open up and this company would make money and hire more people like me.  Wishful thinking again!

Was that called a rant?
So sorry you read what was truly on my mind.
Have a wonderful Saturday....I will do better today.  I will say good morning to my kids with a smile and get my daily hug from them and be the one who lets go last!
Hug someone today...that is the challenge...good luck.

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