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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My letter from Reed...It made it to CA

Excitement fills my mail box today! 
I never gave up hope that this letter would finally make it to me. 
I have been going to my p.o. box almost every day and when it wasn't there yesterday, I must admit I was a little sad.
Happiness feels so good. A letter from a stranger, who took the time to reply to my out of the blue letter to him. 
I now need to take some time and send him one back.  Because he is on a mission to send 365 cards I will send him a small gift...yes a few needed stamps to help him along on his hand written letters!
Janis Joplin..what a great stamp.  Her family must have been so excited to find out she would have a stamp.  Here in the USA you must be dead to be on a postage stamp.
Janis died Oct.4, 1970.  Not sure what happen to her but it had to have been a very sad day for her fan's.
I was in the third grade when she passed away.  This was the year my parent bought a brand new two story house in a little no name town in Orange County. We drove to this house for months watching the wood sticks grow into a house. My dad had hurt his leg and was on crutches, but he still made it up the unfinished steps to see how things were going.  I remember going to pick out the red carpet that would go into my very own bedroom. That carpet was there until 2008, when this house was sold after my mother died.  Last week I found this house on a list of foreclosures. It really broke my heart to see that these people who wanted this house so bad are now losing it.
Thanks again to Reed for the wonder card, you made my day!

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