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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Color Throw Down #391

 Color Throw Down is a challenge.
The colors this time are: pink, light blue, orange & peach.
It starts on Wednesday and ends on Monday.
The only problem I had was..there is a time zone and well, after making this card I realized I was late.
So I didn't get to enter my card so, I made a few more.
 This one has a little more blue in it and a less peach.
I like it. It's simple.
I love the big flower in the middle.
This would be great for a 10 minute challenge. 
 This one is a favorite.  I love the purple.
It's almost fancy.
I was trying to do more blue and it got a little carried away I think.
Now that I have 8 friends who I exchange with monthly, this one will go out to one of them.

What have you been doing lately?

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