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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Share a Coke

At Last.
Two simple words that say so much.
Coke has a new look to the bottle, song titles.
I'm trying to stop drinking these but, it is not possible.
I was in need of a pick-me-up and this is what did it for me!
I really need to change the table cloth. I love the Kentucky Derby, I need to find a project to use this material.  Yes, I cheated, I didn't make it a real table cloth, I just put it on a white one and called it done. I can remember my Mom doing this.  I wonder if her Mom did it too.  I'm sure my Dad's Mother never did it, she had a way of always having everything perfect, nothing undone. I remember she never walked out of the kitchen with a dish in the sink. That doesn't happen around here. Somethings in my life just aren't that important, maybe I should work on that this week.  No dishes in the sink when I wake up, now that a project in it self.
Look what I mad this week, Oh so yummy.

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