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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Strawberry dessert

Doesn't this look like something your Mother would make for a holiday?

I made this once before but, like so many other things in my life, I lost the recipe.

Found this one on a cooking blog.
 When I went to buy frozen strawberries I didn't look to close at the writing on the bag
It's better to have sliced strawberries.

So,after mixing up the jello, while it was hot I put in the strawberries and it was so much easier to cut them.
 Crushing pretzels is always fun to do in a baggie.

After mixing the butter and sugar together you put this in the oven to cook for ten minutes.

I found if I do this first and wait till it cools before doing the other layers is a better idea.
Whipping these three together, I found that it is better to have the Cool Whip not frozen.  Some how it folds in better.

Layer these up and put in the refrig to mold and it's a tasty dessert.

What did you make lately that reminded you of your Mother?

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