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Monday, August 25, 2014

Folding the money

Had some fun folding money.
I found this, of course, on you tube. I looked for making flowers from money and found alot of stuff.
I have a great idea for this..a necklace for a gift. 
This looks so hard to make but, the lady went slow and really said the right words to make it easy.
Some how I made it look good even without new dollar bills.
My wonderful son Special K said, Hey you can make me one with $20 bills...hahaha...thats not going to happen.  His 26th birthday is on Sept. 5th, he might get some cash but not five 20's. 
This flower is super easy, all it takes is three dollar bills and after you fold them you put them together with a ribbon. I used a tie from the bread, that is the yellow part, then used a red ribbon. I open them up to make them look bigger and now I think I will make five more, that will be $18 and put them on a ribbon for my daughters birthday tomorrow.  She will be 18..ouch!
When I get it done without her knowing what I'm doing I will put it here.

It's been a busy two weeks and August is almost over and I didn't complete the picture challenge.  I did start taking my camera and got some good pictures.  Maybe I can do next months.
But I did get Project Gabe done.  I got some amazing clothes for this young man going into high school.  You know when you do something right it just feels good in your heart...that is how I feel about this project. He has new clothes for two weeks and next month I will get some more so he will have a whole month worth.  I also bought a few things for his little sisters who are 2nd grade and 1st grade. I have a box to send the girls things now, I'm just looking for one to hold all of his things.
I got a message from someone with an amazing name...Myra Johnson. She is also looking for the Coke bottle with our name on it.  I haven't found it yet. I look in every store i go into and here in Southern Ca. we have lots of  7 eleven stores and they have lots of things you can't find in a food store so I always look there.  I'm also looking for "Alexis".
Well, I'm off to make some flowers.  I will show you how it turned out later.
Keep smiling!

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