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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pushing the Envelope Mail!!!

Excitement again! I received a envelope from Jean but, this time it was a double envelope and it was also addressed to my friend Connie at the P.O. Box.
I was so surprised to get a note from Connie and then after reading the note realized she too got a gift!
I went into the p.o. and her and I  had a minute to talk about it, there is usually a line at this office. 
She got to share her half with others in the office. This envelope had a line down it to cut so we get to share it.
Then I found that Jean had blog about us..even more exciting!

Well, now I'm going to have to share my book of crazy letters of the alphabet that I have been trying to teach myself what Jean does with ease.  Honestly, my letters look like I've never had a pen in my hand
It's really a whole new art form for me and I'm "not" going to give it up.  I love to look at Jean's's something I do everyday, it's called..pushing the envelope (dot) blogspot (dot) com... She has started me on a whole new journey into the fine world of should try it too. Hugs to Jean!

I've had a few days of not being able to get this computer to scan but today it worked so..I have a few things to put together and share. I will do it tomorrow. 1) I have been taking pictures of different things for a challenge called the August Break 2014, it's so much fun I can't wait to share  2) Project Gabe got started yesterday and it filled my heart with happiness, can't wait to show you.
SO, until tomorrow have a great Wednesday and Keep smiling it's working for me too.

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