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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Let's try a September Challenge

 I saw this last month and took a few pictures with that camera that doesn't like me. It really got me to take my camera with me. I didn't post any of these photo's, they were fun but not over the top great.
SO here is Septembers list.
1.I have lots of cups with odds and end in them
4. What is DIY..OH my kids just yelled out...DO IT YOURSELF....ooohhhh
13. Out of place..that would be me..hahaha
29. Wish..can I get that winning lottery ticket on that day & say wish come true?
30. Where I'm that's a hard one, I'm not even sure of that answer.

 So lets do this...I have two birthday children in this month, 5th & 24th..upside down and LOUD.
Since my blog is on a roll I have no reason not to do this, right?
If you have any idea's for any of these day let me know and I will go out there and call it your day!

Good Luck and happy Photo a Day

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