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Sunday, August 31, 2014

My journaling class 101

I found a free class to learn how to journal, so I started with a book I've had for awhile.
I'm really not sure what I'm suppose to do in this class. It's not like you have homework.  SO I guess I'm just suppose to do what I was shown on the video.
So here is my first two pages.

Adventure is calling you Myra.
This is on the cover.
As you can see I still draw like a 1st grader.  So I put a little bit of me in the corner with a star and some feathers. 
I might find myself adding to this page a little more.

I found this idea from the video.
M is for......Me...Myra...a four letter word.
That is where I started
Ur learn to find time 4 me!
Smile more. Craft to find My self
Then I got out two stamps and gave a little more of what I like to do part of it.  Then the LOL stamp got put in there for laughs.
This is what I can say I did on my day off!

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