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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Orange County Fair 2014

Went out for a long day to enjoy the fair.  The city bus had a deal so we got on the bus and I didn't have to worry about traffic or parking, best part of the day
Not the best pic of me at all. 
 Then the bus driver gives you a coupon for a ticket to buy for $3..a big savings.

This is made of all wood. Found it in the hobby exhibit room.  Some how it made me want to stand and stare at it and wonder how they did this.

I really couldn't get a good picture of this beautiful guitar.  When you walked in this building this was the first thing that you saw.  I can see why they put it there.  Love how its behind glass.  I just wonder if it's been played. 
This really caught my eye.  It's a little bit of everything.
This dress was made out of tape and also the out fit next to it.
It was also made by a pretty. 
This was in a frame in the paper section.  I'm thinking it called quilling.  So pretty.
There were cards in this section, I have made better cards on my own that were prettier then the ones that I saw on display.  So I think next year I really need to put my cards in this contest. 

I really want to do a table.  This one won and there is big reason, it's so pretty. 
So much detail. 

A better look at what this table has, I missed looking at what was on the menu.
What ever is on the menu, you must have the correct fork, spoon, dish and cup that you would use for this meal.
This was so beautiful, loved the whole idea with cards and the name cards were cards.
"Life is a Game, PLAY IT" 

This is the menu, so cute how they used the cards
 They really put this table together. They won a blue ribbon and deserved it too.

Picture's ...loved this area so much and then I found this picture of  "You Know Who".  Can you see how they or I should say how "he" wrote this whole picture.  Her lips are so amazing. the next picture I made bigger to show detail. I'm not sure it its a speech or words to a song or just his thoughts about her life.

This is a winner all around. We know how much I love purses and flowers and here it is all in one. What an amazing piece of creative art work. LOVE IT !! 

Love these two.  As we sat and ate at this table there was another couple and they thought these two were boyfriend and girlfriend as they were so silly.  So I said "Hard to believe they are siblings", the lady looked at me and said something awful about her two kids...she doesn't enjoy motherhood like I do.
This was a great idea, all three of us together in the reflection of Special K funny.  My kids have the best teeth!! 
That was a great day and some fun moments.  Then we stayed and listen to two local bands, "Tini Gray" they were amazing and then "Common Kings" so good.  I sat next to some of their family members.

I have a few challenges I really want to do this month so, I will try to get them is to take a picture every day of something on the list, I have gotten started I just need to get them put on here.  It's going to be fun..going to do this one you watch.
Have a great week.
Keep those pretty teeth showing!

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