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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cerritos Library, Books and Art Show

This is a wonderful library. We went to sit in the a/c because its about 95f today.
It is open on Sunday from 1p.m. to 5p.m. so its a great place to relax.
I found this book in the new book section by the front door.
When I picked it up I wasn't sure what I would be reading.  I think the word "courage" caught my eye. Something I'm still wondering if that is what I live off of.It's an interesting read & easy read too. I'm thinking about going back to find it & finish reading it, quickly. I love this picture of another book I had looked threw,my sunglasses & my cell phone my chocolate without the taste,LOL
I gave this book to Priness P, without looking to see what it was about, I just liked the cover,that is how I pick my books. It's about a lady who lost 140 pounds in a year due to someone asking her when her baby was due. You gain a few pounds and everyone thinks your having a baby. So we figured out that it's about 11 lbs. a month. As we are sitting in a fast food place we said, "Let's see if we can do it". I'm hopeful, and ready.
This is part of an art show going on, they always have something on exhibit.  This is made from fabric, so beautiful.  I love the eye and hand, so real to life. I know it must mean something to the maker.
Love the bike and the rider in the air look. The quilt pieces in the back are amazing. This is a winner.
I love this on so much. The photo doesn't show the amazing details. So much work went into it with amazing thread work.
I could see this on a coffee cup or a table cloth.  It's very pretty in person.
This is a work of art. So much to look at and the vision of where hes going and what he wants! 
This screams "MASTER PIECE"! The time that must have taken this person to do this with all of the detail, just a beautiful piece of art. I hope it wasn't ment to be a blanket.
These two are so beautiful, its like mixed media vs. color of fabric. I love them both.
 This one is beautiful I took two views of it. I love how it looks like your looking threw a window and the lights are shining in on it. Her face is so beautiful, I wonder if she is part of this persons life of them self. 
She is so pretty I had to show more of the detail in this work of art.

There was also vases made from fabric that I wish now that I took a picture of. I guess at the time I didn't think I would post them.

That was my day outing with my camera.
Hope you had a great day too.

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