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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Today's Highlight?

I follow this blog from Au.
She always has that one picture that always makes you think.
It's only 2 in the afternoon and I haven't gotten out of my pj''s shame.
I really think I need to work on thinking about this on a daily.
A highlight?
When someone ask you "What's new?" what do you say? I know, sometimes I want to say something silly to catch them off guard and then maybe they won't ask again.
This is like a one line journal entry.
The truth is..I haven't had a highlight yet today so, I need to go find one and make it a good one at that.
I'm off to see what my highlight will be for today.
If I got a comment on this, now that would be a highlight for me.
Have a great day.

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