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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Knots Of Love at Orange County Fair in California

I found these amazing ladies who make beautiful caps for Knots of Love.
They thought they could teach me how to do it too..hahaha
I love how they all have a different style and tease each other who's way is easier.
I'm going to try to make a blanket. 
I stood and talked to this amazing young girl who has a bright personality and I guess a pig as a pet!
She makes the cutest caps that were displayed at the fair.
Her name is Nat and has the biggest heart ever.
After walking away I can I save some money every month and send it to them so they can make more caps?  I know I can't make those beautiful caps. I'm going to take the recycle money I get from work and sent it to them.  I hope you will find it in your heart to help them too.  
This is one of Nat's work of art!
We talked about this one and she showed me the funny in it as you need to look close and see that it has a tongue hanging out....good one! 
This is what caught my eye at first.  Look at all the hours they put in to make these amazing caps! Yes they are sent to cancer patients.  What I read is that they are giving free of charge to people transitioning through the effects of chemotherapy or other life-threatening illnesses or injuries.
You can find them at Knotsoflove (dot) org
This one will need to go to someone really special, with a love of this movie.
I had to take a picture of it because how would I put into words what it looks like? 
This is another part of their display. 
Here are direction on how to make this blanket.
I am going to try this one. I need some yarn and a size I and J crochet hook.  Then some time on youtube to figure out how to SC in 2nd ch from hook.  DC in next ch. SC. DC across. Turn 
Wish me luck!
This is the one they suggested that I start with, an easy cap.
They donate these to Neonatal Intensive care units across the country.
The endless hours of love go into all of what they do and it show's.
If you knit or crochet, I hope that you find out how to donate to this great group. I know that Nat will be forever grateful, along with all of those I met at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California.
The fair goes on until Aug. 16, hope you find time to visit.

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