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Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm a gardener...Maybe

My little pumpkin plant. My friend next door and I are having a contest, who can get one to grow. It looks like I will have one, can you see the flower?
I am so excited, I didn't have hope for it two weeks ago but, now it looks like it has a chance.
There is a tomato plant to the left of this that isn't doing so good.
I really need to do some weeding now that I see it through a lens...hahaha 
I have always wanted to have a planter of  California Poppies.  I am so hoping these will make it, so far so good.
I put the seed envelope in the pot so it doesn't look like its just dirt!

I've been away for a few weeks, time flies when your just trying to get some sleep and working less hours. I'm better now and I'm ready to get back to things that make me smile and laugh.
Went to Orange County Fair and met some amazing people that I want to share about and hopefully we can all help them with there endless love for their groups.
Smile the sun is out today!!

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