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Thursday, May 28, 2015

I have a upper respiratory infection

or you can say...I have a cold.
  I didn't talk much at work yesterday because my throat hurt to much to talk.  The boss asked me, what happen to your voice?  Nothing really, just don't feel like talking. Talking isn't something that I really need to do much there.  Well, I do have a few people I chose to speak with...we all know where I'm going with that.
This morning when I hit the alarm, my throat was on fire.  What do you try first, drink something cold that will make you cough or something warm that hurts all the way down. My first thought was to brush my teeth. My second thought's time to take a day off.
By the time I rolled out of bed I went looking for that medical card I have never used to make myself a doctors appointment. There are many reason why I choose not to go into the doctors office.
     1) Not crazy about sitting next to someone else who might have more germs then me.
      2) Can they ever say my name correctly? Not this time either.
       3) What will they poke me with that will make me scream.  Just that q-tip thing that hurts and makes you have a tear or two.
Like always the nurse comes in asks me all those questions and then says, the doctor is finishing up with a patient and will be in shortly.  Okay, so the walls are so thin I already feel like I know the person in the next room without seeing their face. So I cough a few more times. Then the nurse comes in and looks at me and says, Oh sorry wrong room.  Great it is all starting and so soon.
So the doctor doesn't think I'm as sick as I sound..great! I'm thinking co-pay, I should have just went to Starbucks and called it a day.
So, Dr. Wu, is giving me some medicine that has codeine. Great did I say I needed sleep? NO I DIDN'T!
I ask for a doctor's note for work and as I'm standing in line to get my drugs I notice that my "Doctor's Note" isn't mine. It's probable the girl in the next room with the skin problem.
Now do you see why I don't like going to the doctors??
So Hilda (L.V.N.),you need to go back to school for a few more classes in...getting your patient records correct!! 
I'm not thinking I will be going back to that office to soon, unless I need a name change and useless drugs.
That was my journey to the Kaise Permanete health care center.  So proud to say I'm a member at $180 a month along with that $20 co-pay, even when they don't think you're sick.
(O.K. Mom, I will stop complaining. I know you worked for them for many years, but, things have changed.)

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