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Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's week 22...No Way!

Lucky:.I wish I could get a winning lottery ticket.
Daily Ritual: should be to write on here every day but, we know that doesn't happen.
Borrowed:I have the neighbors cook books. 
Pink: that shouldn't be to hard
S: so many things to choose.
Over there: sounds like someone doesn't want to get up and help..just point.
HA HA HA: this should be easy.

I love this background. Who ever did this weeks did a great job.
I found out that fatmumslim is here next to my town.  That would have been so cool to meet her and maybe show her around and see what she would take pictures of around my hood. I hope she enjoyed Disneyland.  The big celebration was on Friday, May 22.  The park was open for 24 hours. Every news person was there and every one who wanted to be seen was also there. I had the day off and stayed away, it's really not my place to go any ways.
Have a great night, see you tomorrow.

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