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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Let's color some fun

 I am looking for this book.  It is for adults to color.
It is suppose to help you feel better...well, not sure about that now. I'm sure sleeping will be top on my list for
This looks like fun.
Now this one could be a challenge.
I would really have to put on my thinking cap to make this one a work of art. 
 This one looks like eyes are watching you.
Or maybe a crazy sea shell.
 Now this could possible be a complete master piece when finished. Kinda a little 70ish if you ask me.
Oh Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tooties pop?  If you are old enough, you remember that whole slogan.

You know where I found this. Yes, on Fat Mum Slim blog. Got to love what she puts out there.
She said we could copy them and then I guess they put them up on your blog or maybe fb..she has some fun things to do and it always looks like fun.
She sent out a box with a little play camera, bubbles,glitter, sharpie marker, a candle, and color plastic wrap.  You are to get creative and take pictures of what you come up with.
Since, she doesn't follow me..I'm thinking I could find all of those things and take a few pictures.
I will get started and show them to you later.

I have two more days off...singing...oh heaven, simply heaven.
I have done a few great things.  I just got back from going out to dinner with my friends next door. That was alot of fun, way better then Hamburger Helper makes a great meal.
I have done alot around this shack.  I mowed the lawn and played in the garden..looks so much better.  I took back recycle.  Took a good nap!! Laughed with Princess P and took her out for some drive time.  
Tomorrow is another day to play, can't wait.
Oh did I tell you I have my eye on a really cool car!  A Jeep Renegade..way cool, with many fun colors.  Just might need to buy one of those.
Off to get some more sleep in me.
Smile brighter its working for you!

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