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Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's June, the best month ever

My favorite month has finally arrived!!
It's time to celebrate!
There isn't a thing on this list that yells..WOW to me but, let's don't let that stop us from taking fun pictures along with an open eye out in this world of life.
There are so many great things that happen in the month of June. 
I really need to make this month the best of all to this blog.
I still have this awful cold and I will spend another day home from work to recover. 
I will think of great things to do on this blog for this month.
I hope you come along and help me do great things together.
I was watching a great movie today with my kids. We have seen it before but, it makes you think again about being a good person when maybe someone has hurt your feelings or many has made a comment that sets you back about wanting to help others.
The move is called "Paying it forward".  It's about helping 3 people and then each one of those help 3 people which helps 9 people and those 9 help 27 others.
I need to find 3 people to help this month. This will be a challenge.  So many things I always want to do but don't know if it would help or just be looked at as, making myself look good and that isn't what I want to do.
This is a movie that can be found on Netflix, really find it and watch it.  It does do something to you.
This is... Cheers to the month of June.  Let's make it the best month ever.
Let's do every thing we have wanted to do since January, every thing on our "To Do" List!,
lose that 10 lbs., let's blog about everything fun, happy, sweet, tasty and everything in between. Pull out that journey book and fill up those pages. 
Can we do that?  YES, we can.
Let's make June the best month ever!

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