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Friday, May 22, 2015

Jenny's College Art

 This is Jenny.
She is an amazing artist, who is very shy about her work.
She goes to the local college (as where my kids go and where I once went). My bonus daughter txt me about this evening event so, after working 12 hrs. that day, I changed my clothes put on a never been to one of these events face and this is what I found!
I was surround by ppl who looked like they enjoyed art. I didn't know if I could take pictures so, I missed a few other things that she has done in this class...darn. 
This is her looking into a do I know this?  Her hair goes the other way when you are looking at her.  She is so beautiful, this look isn't one that I see often.  To know her is something you must earn.
If I would have centered this picture better it would have been a master piece.
This is probably a small piece of her world.
I see her girlfriends eyes (at her lips), dog Shane, Disneyland cash, a game, fries from McD, art supplies, marriage, pizza, time, and many other things that are who she is as a person.
I really like this one the best.
Every art student has one of these. 
This gets the eye.
Maybe this is from a game and she put in her dog Shane, right in the middle.
The moon looks like a ear ring to me.
Those square boxes were my night mare in 7th grade art class...hahaha.  I think we all have had that moment. 
This is her room, for being a great student.  She also received some money to continue her classes. 
Good Luck Jenny, take that cash and color the world with your art. 
This is something I found on a wall in the halls of the art classes.
It caught my eye because I love Coke bottles!!! I guess that's a church.
Things above this look like doodlings from others.

It was fun to go and she was surprised to see me there.
I saw others that I had known from my school days there. It's funny how they see you & still act like they are in high school & can't say hello or past a smile.  No hurt feelings on my part, I'm thinner!! LOL  

                             Hugs to Jenny for giving others a time to relax & enjoy Art.

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